The Sleepy Time Gal has a new idea on how to make an art project

Do you often stop and wonder if there is an easier way to do some of the mundane motherhood tasks? It happens to me all the time. 


Over the years, I’ve come up with some pretty smart solutions. And when I couldn’t think of one, there was another mom and a friend out there who already had. Those were my fellow creators and editors of this website. In fact, we use our knowledge and skills to come up and collect idea about motherhood from way before. And now, we all share to you our experiences, recommendations, ideas and tips for you to have a meaningful, bright and happy family lives. This blog collects and stores many of our parenting tips, ideas and a lot more for mothers who want to survive some of the tougher parts of life. 


Today, The Sleepy Time Gal has a new idea on how to make an art project. With this easy art idea, you’ll get to bond with your kids. Paper collage is an artwork using pieces of different textured and colored papers. These forms and shapes eventually create a whole image. The materials are right at your home and it’s really easy for young kids to follow. Let’s get started! 


We’ll call this specific project the weather collage. Choose one your favorite season of the year, whether it is rainy, sunny, fall or winter and turn it into wall frame.  


You’ll need:  


Glue stick 


Different colors and textures of paper 


Cut papers in various shapes like clouds, umbrellas, rain drops or snow or sun, trees, dresses for a girl or boy. Cut the colored sheets into rain drop shapes. Arrange the cut paper according to the image you want to make. Then start to glue it. Now add details using a black marker and complete the picture. And it’s done! You can hang it on the wall of your kids’ room.