About Us 

 Since 2010, The Sleepy Time Gal has grown into one of the leading and most admired digital magazines that provide moms and families in a healthy living lifestyle with a wealth of ideas, guides and tips. 


Who says that we moms can’t have it all? I know many moms who balance health, fitness, and family fun with finesse. We’ll get there too! All it takes is focusing on what really matters in life and streamlining everything else. 


We are mothers, mentors and role models. We are also artsy and can support the trillions of mother around the world who are committed to their careers and devoted to their families. Through our website, The Sleepy Time Gal digital magazine provides its affluent readers with the community, solutions and strategies they need to thrive. 


Here at The Sleepy Time Gal, you’ll find mom hacks, tips, fitness, parenting, recipes, beauty tips and easy crafts! Not a crafter? Don’t worry, we share the ideas and give you easy and step-by-step instructions that you and your children can follow, have fun and create beautiful memories. 


When it comes to crafting, it doesn’t really matter what project you will do or what it looks like. What really matter is the bond and the memories between you and your children which you created while crafting. It will stay with them long after the paint has been cleaned up and the craft paper is put away. 


You’ll also find a few projects for your home that is useful and will make your busy life easier without breaking the bank. 


The Sleepy Time Gal digital magazine is available by subscription. We publish each issue in our homepage and blog every day. The full content of our articles targets parents, working or hands-on mothers, single parents or soon to be parents and mothers. 


Thank you for taking the time to read about us.